all 9 Moldys

all 9 Moldys

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the trip that wasn't

Renee' and I and Norris and Melissa Hill headed to Haiti yesterday to visit some of the ministries and people that we are connected with thru HaitiServe, to encourage them and love them with some Christmas presents.  We left Knoxville early and by the time we landed in Miami they had shut down the airport in PAP to all flights due to the unrest around the controversial elections going on there.  We tried several creative ways to get into Haiti but to no avail. So...we took a cab to South Beach for the freak show and had brunch and came back to our hotel.  Dinner of Cuban food and a great visit with Corrigan Clay who is one of the folks that we were going to visit.  Turns out he was stuck in Miami as well.  It was a great time to visit with him and pray with him.  If you are not familiar with The Apparent Project I would encourage you to check out their website ( to see what fantastic things they are doing in their little part of PAP.  They are a bright light in the midst of a very dark country. We will be taking about a dozen college folks (and hopefully our whole family) to stay and work there for a week over spring break.

We ended up rescheduling our tickets for next week, 16th thru 20th.  We will then hop in the car and drive to KC on the 21st for Christmas.  Not our original plan but we'll make it work.

will keep you posted.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Unrest - there and here

You may or may not know that they are in the middle of a troubled election in Haiti.  Today they are to release results that could either lead to a new president or to a run-off election.  Either way there will be (and already is) much turmoil and unrest in this fragile country.  Please pray for the process, for the people, for the government, for peace and civility, for justice...

Renee' and I, along with friends Norris and Melissa Hill are scheduled to leave for there early tomorrow morning to visit and encourage a number of the ministries that we are connected with thru HaitiServe.  We are watching the news, trying to be discerning, praying for wisdom and dealing with our own unrest.  Immediate unrest about this trip - do we go or not? ... but moreso the unrest in our hearts about the length of this adopting process.  We want Kiki and Gi in our home so badly.  I wrestle with God about how this timing and process is good for them - I don't think it is. I am, however, convinced that he is very much in charge and that I sure don't have the whole picture.  So I'll continue to press in on him and anyone connected with this adoption.  I'll listen to what the Father is up to in me.  I'll try to prepare for the day they are actually in our home and to love these kids as best I can from here.