all 9 Moldys

all 9 Moldys

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Unrest - there and here

You may or may not know that they are in the middle of a troubled election in Haiti.  Today they are to release results that could either lead to a new president or to a run-off election.  Either way there will be (and already is) much turmoil and unrest in this fragile country.  Please pray for the process, for the people, for the government, for peace and civility, for justice...

Renee' and I, along with friends Norris and Melissa Hill are scheduled to leave for there early tomorrow morning to visit and encourage a number of the ministries that we are connected with thru HaitiServe.  We are watching the news, trying to be discerning, praying for wisdom and dealing with our own unrest.  Immediate unrest about this trip - do we go or not? ... but moreso the unrest in our hearts about the length of this adopting process.  We want Kiki and Gi in our home so badly.  I wrestle with God about how this timing and process is good for them - I don't think it is. I am, however, convinced that he is very much in charge and that I sure don't have the whole picture.  So I'll continue to press in on him and anyone connected with this adoption.  I'll listen to what the Father is up to in me.  I'll try to prepare for the day they are actually in our home and to love these kids as best I can from here.

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