all 9 Moldys

all 9 Moldys

Monday, January 3, 2011

The trip that was!

We finally made it!  The flights started back up into Haiti and we were able to visit our friends and children.  It was a great few days filled with gifts and encouragement!  It was such a blessing to see people face to face and wish them a Merry Christmas!  Renee's job with HaitiServe has been such a great fit with her passion to serve, we are so thankful.
We had the huge blessing of visiting Children of Hope Orphanage and bringing all of the kids stockings for them to have on Christmas morning. Thanks to all of you that gave toward the eight suitcases full of gifts that we took to all of the children and staff, the gifts were a huge encouragement to everyone!
We also got to bring our children, Giflore and Kiki with us to the city for three days.  It was a wonderful time for us to be with them.  We had our friend and translator, Wooby with us to help communicate.  The children know that we are going to be their parents and that we will be visiting them as often as we possibly can until they come home with us forever. It is so heart wrenching to take them back to the orphanage when we leave.  We really don't have a time line and are praying for miracles.  It will be a long journey.  We are thankful that our children are HIS children! We are also beyond thankful for the loving care that they receive at Children of Hope!!
We have completed all of our paper work and are waiting for them to be translated and sent to Chicago for Haitian legalization.  When this step is complete, we will be able to take them to Haiti and the attorney will begin the LONG process there. 

Please pray for our kiddo's hearts as they can't really have an understanding of this process.  Shoot, we don't even understand it!!!  Please pray for our hearts and our children at home as we long for the day that we will all be together.

Don't forget the Bebo Norman benefit concert, February 18th at the square room~more details to follow

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  1. you guys are awesome. i love hearing about this journey! i wish i could be at the bebo benefit concert. i would love to see him and all of you! love to you all.