all 9 Moldys

all 9 Moldys

Friday, February 11, 2011

it's officially out of our hands

We got up at 4:00 Wednesday morning to get Renee' and a 8 others to the airport for a 6:00 flight.  She carried a stack of papers 6" thick (our dossier - every piece of paper we have worked on here for the last 9 months in triplicate) and a big ol' wad of cash (half the fee for our Haitian lawyer).  It is FINALLY out of our hands from this side.  That is a relief and a big step forward.  Now comes, in my mind, the hardest part....the wait.  It could be 6-8 months or it could be 12-18 months. Would you pray with us for a third option, one that has a much smaller number in it.

Three weekends ago I was talking with a group of college young life leaders from Georgia and Clemson about the 2 day wait between when Jesus found out about Lazarus dying and his arrival in Bethany.  How did that feel to Mary and Martha who had sent urgent word to Jesus that his good friend Lazarus was dying "and yet He stayed" in Jerusalem 2 more days. Did they feel loved and cared for or did they feel abandoned and forgotten, or worse, neglected and dismissed?  How was this love?
And yet...Jesus' very nature is love and everything he does is motivated and animated out of love, so...somehow, someway this apparently is love.  That's a hard one to get my head and heart around.  I think we are in the "2 days" that is going to be a really long 2 days.  I know that my Father is acting out of love - for me and my family and for Kiki and Giflore - even though i do not see how or why it looks like this. It's a hard but good time.

We are taking the whole Moldy clan to meet Kiki and G over spring break.  Really looking forward to this.  The boys have not been to Haiti yet or met the kids.  We are going with a bunch of college kids from UT and will stay and serve at The Apparent Project.  Really looking forward to that week!

there's the latest.  thanks for caring and for reading.


  1. Awesome. Take a big deep breath now.

  2. Steve, Renee & Moldy Gang,

    I have been keeping up via the blog and was really hoping to make it to Knoxville for the benefit but bronchitis won. boo. I am thinking and praying-there is not a better family I could think of to welcome two new beautiful members. Love you much from Bham.
    ~Meghan Ann