all 9 Moldys

all 9 Moldys

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Relief and Overwhelmed by love and support!

Wow!  Passing off the papers to the attorney in Haiti was such a great feeling of forward movement.  Please, please pray with us now that they will not sit stagnant in any one's office, but that they will continue to move through each step.  Our children will be taken to Port-au-Prince this week to be psychologically, and physically examined to make sure that they are healthy.  Please pray that this will be a time for them to be away from their normal routine and have a good time.  I do not want it to be a time of fear or anxiety for them.  The attorney is telling us that our papers should be legalized and matched up with the children's Haitian papers and turned into the government within three weeks.  Then the waiting begins...  We really don't know how long but it could be up to a year still.... So thankful for the moments that we get to spend with our kids while we all wait to be together.  Here are a few new pics.

 Kiki and Giflore opening their Valentine talking book from our family.  She was so proud of it and showed all of the other children!  I just wish that they ALL had families to look forward to going home to!  Maybe someday...
 Giflore Age 7
Kiki Age 4

The Bebo concert on Friday night was AMAZING!  There is no way that we can ever thank Bebo and everyone else that made the evening happen enough!  It was such a huge blessing and encouragement to our family to be with so many of you and feel your love and support for our growing family.  One of the coolest things about the concert was how God worked the numbers. We both, (the Smiths and us) made almost exactly what we needed for our initial payments to our lawyer in Haiti - 2 different amounts but exactly what was needed. Nice touch.
We are so grateful for the community and the support and love that we were shown that night. It makes this long process a little easier and a whole lot more fun.  We have raised just about half of what we will need to complete the process. Thank you again!
Lookens, Giflore, Kiki and Kensley (All Knoxville bound!)

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