all 9 Moldys

all 9 Moldys

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Longing for the near future and the forever...

It has been quite some time since we have updated.  We have had lots of things going on in our world.

Today I am thankful for our hope in Christ for our future life...
As many of you know, my mom went home to be with the Father recently and we all miss her soo much!  She has left such a loving legacy in our family.  It does break my heart to know that our children from Haiti will never know Grandma Ann.  She was a Godly, Kind, Thoughtful Grandma!
We are so excited to announce that our 8 year old daughter's name is:  Kahler Ann Giflore Moldrup
We named her Kahler to honor our friends, Glenn and Nancy Kahler and just fits with Kylie and Kelsey nicely.  The Ann is in honor of my mom and my sister Rita Ann who got to meet the Father first!
(and we do live in the South where you really should have a double name:)

The passports are final, the passports are final!  Yea!  Yippee!  Its about time!!
We are so thrilled that the kids Haitian passports have been issued and now all of their paperwork has been deposited at the US Embassy for final approval and visas.  We are in the home stretch now but know that it could still be a while.  Weeks?  Months?  We really don't know.  Please pray for our kiddos to get approval quickly and be able to be home soon.

Every time I go to visit, they have grown an inch!  Every time I go, I hope it will be the last time that I have to leave without them.

We are all trying to be patient but it is so hard.  Please pray for our friends, the Hogues who are bringing Wilby home to Kansas City.  Their paperwork got hung up in immigrations and they have not received his passport yet, even though it was submitted before ours.  We want Wilby home as much as our own!
I will post some pictures soon from Steve and I's last trip in September.  It was a very short visit but I was so thankful that Steve got to connect with the kids again.

Thank you for your prayers, we greatly covet them. We are so thankful for all of your encouraging words and prayers, they are helping to hold us up!  We know that these children are HIS and we are thankful that HE has them in His hands on this journey and always!

Renee' (A longing mama)

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  1. So exciting!!! Praying with you that they are with your family very soon.