all 9 Moldys

all 9 Moldys

Friday, December 2, 2011

Today is Dec. 2 and our hopes and dreams of having the kids here by Christmas are seeming slim to none.  Renee' is in Haiti as i write and got to spend the day and night with the kids yesterday. She was at the American Embassy Monday morning to try to stir the waters on our papers and found out that they were not there to be stirred. After a phone call to our orphanage and our Haitian lawyer we found out that we had been given wrong information. Our stuff was dropped several weeks ago at Haitian immigration not US immigration. That was a real disappointment to say the least. THe short story is that we hope to have them at USICS by end of next week of the beginning of the following. We hope that is the case. It can still take many weeks (according to some, 60-75 days) once on there.  We are hoping for less but know it could be more.

This I do know: - It will happen eventually, the kids are in a good place in the meantime, God is in charge, I'm not crazy about His timing but have total trust in Him in this, waiting is hard, we are all ready to have these 2 little ones in our home.

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  1. how discouraging! The Kautzis are hoping and praying for a miracle - that the kids are still home by Christmas! We love the Moldrups! (And I meant to comment on an older post about Kahler's name - that I love that my entire maiden name is now a part of the Moldrup family. Does that mean I'm an honorary member?)