all 9 Moldys

all 9 Moldys

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well, 1 step down. 1 to go!

This morning Mom and Dad took the kids to their Visa appointment at the embassy. All went well and they were approved! Praise God!

Now we wait to get the visas in hand and take them to get travel papers made. This should all happen at some point next week.

If all goes well (fingers crossed, praying hard!) they will ALL hop on a plane to Miami on Friday, August 31st. They will spend the night there and head back to the great state of TENNESSEE (Go Vols!) the next day (arrival time 5:50)!

Please pray for a speedy process with the visas and travel papers. Also, as you most likely know, Tropical Storm Isaac is headed directly to them in the next day or two. Luckily all that is expected is 20" of rain. Man that's a lot! So pray for safety amidst that storm as well!

Thanks for your support and I'll keep the updates coming as I get them!

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