all 9 Moldys

all 9 Moldys

Monday, August 27, 2012

Safe and Sound

Lots of people have asked over the weekend about Mom, Dad, Kahler and Kiki's safety in the midst of the tropical storm.
They are completely fine! Just got hit with a lot of rain.
However, Haiti itself isn't quite so fine. The tent cities were hit hard. Lots of loss for those living in these communities due to flooding, etc.
Mom and Dad visited one yesterday and were able to help provide diapers and other immediate needs to a group of mothers with young children.

On the adoption front, everything should be wrapping up this week. We are hoping to have the visas in hand today and if not today should have them tomorrow. Then we wait for the travel papers which should only take a day or 2. And then (FINALLY- Mom and Dad are experiencing the longest 12 days of their lives!) they will all hop on a plane to Miami for the night on friday and head back to Knoxville Saturday (arrival time 5:50 pm).
Pray that all goes well this week and comes together quickly!

The kids left their home of the last 4 years, Children of Hope, yesterday for good! It was a bittersweet moment. The orphanage director was very sad to see them go, understandably so as she has loved and cared for them every day of the last 4 years. Kahler Ann was sad leaving her best friends behind. And Kiki just seemed happy to be with Mommy and Poppy (who knows how much he really understands the situation).

They are all in Port Au Prince now awaiting retrieval of the visas.
We (Brady, Colby and I) got to FaceTime with them last night and it was such a treat to see their faces (and their curiosity of the whole face-to-face chatting thing!).
Cant wait to finally be with them face-to-face!!!

Thanks for all your continued prayer and support! We couldn't do this without it! I have been overwhelmed by the continuous support and offers of help I have received since my parents left! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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